Rare Antique Prints & Maps

Our collection encompasses a wide range of time and subject matter, illuminating turning points in history, that represent inspired moments of innovation and beauty. These artistic endeavors resonate with unparalleled brilliance and perfectionism, bringing the past into the present. Our Collection includes: Americana, Anatomical Prints, Architectral Prints, Botanical Prints, Caricature, Children’s Illustrations, City Views, Classical Design, Fashion & Costume, Historical Subjects,  Japanese & Chinese Wood Block Prints, Historical Maps, Marine Prints, Military Prints, Natural History, Occupations, Politics, Religious Prints, Sporting Prints and more. Please feel free to Contact Us.

     We are located at 37 Taft Street, Pawtucket R.I. 02860. Our Riverfront building overlooks

    the Historic Blackstone River, the Division Street Bridge and the New Pawtucket River Bridge.

  Antiquariat Gallery

Contact: Andrew Spingarn @ 401-787-6767

Website: www.AntiquariatGallery.com

Email: antiquariatgallery@verizon.net

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